Aerotel And Medicronic-Vodafone Launch Innovative Wireless Homecare System In Spain

Aerotel Medical Systems, one of the world's leading manufacturers of advanced telemedicine and remote monitoring solutions, announced today that Vodafone Spain in conjunction with Medicronic Salud have used Aerotel's e-CliniQ™ Wireless Home Monitoring System with successful results.

The e-CliniQ™ Wireless Home Monitoring System enables patients to keep track of their health, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Using Bluetooth technology, Aerotel's Tele-Modem™ Homecare Hub remotely monitors the patient's vital signs from various homecare sensors, transmitting the data to Medicronic's central receiving station via the Vodafone cellular network, where it is stored and analyzed by Aerotel's Medical Parameters Monitoring (MPM™) software.

The seamless technology is being used successfully by MEDICRONIC-VODAFONE SPAIN, a joint venture between Medicronic Salud and Vodaphone, to monitor, for example, patients' blood pressure and other vital signs. Easy to use, the e-CliniQ™ system is activated at the touch of a button. Blood pressure readings are encrypted and sent via a Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone to the receiving center where the patient or doctor can directly access the information via the internet, using Aerotel's MPM-Net™ technology. The system allows doctors to check that patients are adhering to their pharmaceutical treatments.

"Flexibility and adaptation to patient needs has been key to e-CliniQ's success," commented David Rubin, Aerotel Medical Systems President & CEO. "In the modern age of wireless telecommunications and anywhere connectivity via cellular and internet networks, there is no reason why we cannot provide our patients with full remote and non-intrusive monitoring care, saving time and money in unnecessary visits to doctors and hospitals."

Dr. José Antonio Amérigo, Medical Director of MEDICRONIC-VODAFONE SPAIN, says that new cell phone technology, allows to control and follow up of Chronic Illness patients in many different ways, giving them full mobility and using e-CliniQ's to check instantly their vital parameters no matter the time or the place they are.